Rooms and Services

The architectural frame of the house seems to favour with graciousness both the life of a couple who wants its own privacy and the one of the family , thanks to rooms that may become connecting , so offering the maximum comfort and the best of privacy.

Rooms are spacious. Dimensions vary from 25 to 35 sqmt and the ample, stone house walls are a guarantee of tranquillity.

The ceiling of each room is designed by the perfectly restored ancient beams, strong and shining in their chestnut wood, that are telling us the story of an ancient roof that has been protecting for ages, the families living under it, both from the Autumn rains and the strong Summer Heat.

Every single piece of our furniture tells us and you a story, the story of Granny Giordana or Granny Adele, that cherished their furniture with love, so much as to pass it on to the future generations, to Cecilia, in a perfect state.

The comfy bathrooms, lit up by natural light, like the rest of the rooms, allow us to enjoy the perfumes coming from the park, the fresh morning air and the evening cicadas song.

Newspapers, magazines, amenities and a fridge, all inclusive, all offered by Cecilia to her guest, will make your stay perfect.

Breakfast and Spaces


Breakfast is, at Due Lune Country House, the most important part of the day and we devote time, work and energy to guarantee its quality as our home-made cakes and jams can prove.

Every night, we bake new cakes and biscuits for you to find them on the breakfast table on the following morning and while we are baking them, we are recounting the story of Auntie Capretta’s ricotta cake, with its pine-kernels and raisins, a cake that Cecilia’s much beloved Auntie, used to make; a cake that comes from a very precious cakes books, that Cecilia inherited some time ago.

We bake Auntie Lottie’s cake with its soft sponge and its crispy almonds and we tell Granny Adele’s story of her pastiera, with the taste and smells of Southern Italy.

That’s for the past, our family past.

The present tells the story of fresh jams made with the fruits of our orchard; the story of the vegetables of our garden, the story of handmade pastry, worked on the marble surface of our kitchen.

The large outside area, the lawns, the flowerpots, the peaceful corners of the house are a joy to the eyes and soul.
Here armony and relax will embrace your soul, while sitting on the large and soft sofas placed under our hundreds years old trees.

Due Lune is a place for the soul with its interiors, its welcoming and warm spaces, its sofas, its large fire place, that makes you feel at home.

a house is home only if a 4 legged companion lives in it.
This is our philosophy of life and here you wil be welcomed by horses and dogs and cats, that together with Pippo, the white donkey, live and play with our and your children,
All pets are welcome here.