Due Lune Country House

Bed and Breakfast


Due Lune Country House Bed and Breakfast

In the Tuscan Countryside, at only 2 km from the sandy beaches of Versilia, there is, like in a fairy tale, a house of stones and flowers.

Olive trees, fruit trees and lawns covered with flowers and daisies, welcome the guests in a warm and pleasant way and the country house pets, managed by Paolino, Cecilia’s tiny and bossy pet, make the house the perfect place for those who love a life and a holiday in the open air, without ever renouncing the quality of an impeccable service.We named our rooms after the names of the horses that have made the history of our farm, that once we stopped breeding have become members of our family.

Delfin is our Spanish Stallion, who in its glorious past , exhibited in many equestrian shows, and that still love exhibiting in front of people.
Edil , with its history of a worldwide recognized champion, is the father of all our colts.

Dalila the champion in morphology in many races both European and International, is now the happy mother of newly bred champions.
Felicità, Edil and Dalila‘s offspring, closes the parade and all live happily at the Due Lune Country House.

He or she who love country life, at Due Lune Country life, will feel its parfumes.

He or she who loves long, sandy beaches, will find in the beach of Forte Dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and the whole Versilia, the perfect place to spend long summer holidays, to be spent under the shade of a beach umbrella or a tent, lulled by the children chatting and playing happily along the sea, under the careful guard of the many super expert lifeguards, that have been making our shores safe for any age, with their attentive eyes enriched by the many wrinkles that the sun created on them.

Cecilia, the owner, after bringing up her family here, has decided to share with the guests the wide spaces of her country house, furnished with taste and temperament and opened the house to the external world.

The bedrooms offer the maximum comfort to the guest who finds himself sleeping in linen sheets, surrounded by a lovely scent of lavender, on antique beds in wrought iron and washed in the purest natural light coming from the windows with a view on the olives gardens.

Here luxury is perceived through details, it is never showing off.
Here the contact with nature is true, strong, vibrant.
Here we live well.



check in: 16-20 check out: 12